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Think that’s it, good luck yo’ image

changed my mind, i’m picking in half an hour.

I came on here to see if my friend followed yet but nope, and some fucking anon had to be a bitch. Like really do you really think I care if Oliver actually has a dick or not? No. I don’t. Get the fuck over it. And again, I don’t want his fucking penis because you know why? Why the fuck would I want it after the emptiness that is just coming back to actually being something less… empty because of my friends and Hollywood Undead?


Anonymous asked:

I really hate to break it to you, but Maddi or 'Oli' is lying about having a sex change. You do know that if a female wants to be male, all they can really do is remove the breasts and shape the chest a little? it's not possible to attach a penis. Seriously. It's generally against anatomy basics, and isn't possible in any shape or form. Again, sorry to break it to you.

And do you know how much I care? Zero.

If Fingernails Were Razorblades

If fingernails were razorblades,
How long would you live?
If fingernails were razorblades,
My legs,
Would be bloody and scarred, 
My wrists, completely red…
If fingernails were razorblades,
My mouth would be cut into a Chelsea Smile…
If fingernails were razorblades…
I wouldn’t survive a week…
If fingernails were razorblades,
How long would you be alive?
If fingernails were razorblades… 
Would be…

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